About the Company

It all started when...

Back in 1963, Larry Stidham assumed payments on his first truck and Stidham Trucking was born...

Fast forward to December 2015, Larry was ready to retire and sold the business to long-time friend Paul McCanna and his business partner, David Dean. Together, Paul and David will be carrying Stidham Trucking into the next 50+ years!

Currently, we have over 50 tractors and 75 trailers on the road and are one of the premier flat bed operations on the West Coast.  Our home base is Yreka, CA where we employ 35+ individuals and many independent operators.  We provide service throughout the lower 48 as well as Alberta and B.C., Canada.

Paul and David place emphasis on employee and customer satisfaction. They are continually working to provide their team with the latest technologies and tools to best serve the customer.

By running the best equipment on the road and having the latest technology in the office, we are able to exceed our customer expectations while emphasizing safety and compliance.

Our Mission Statement

Our Goal

is to retain all current customers and drivers while constantly searching for new drivers and business opportunities and to have every team member know they are valued and appreciated during their time at this company.

Our Objective

is to develop the most respected and trusted transportation company possible by providing our customers with qualified, well-trained drivers and consistent on time deliveries. We will obtain this objective by developing a trusted team of capable employees using the most efficient business processes and techniques possible.

As president of stidham trucking,

I will do my best to treat all employees equally and with respect. I will assemble a qualified group of individuals who are excited about helping and sharing knowledge with others in order to reach our goal. Together, these individuals will create a winning team:

Team Stidham