Introducing our new Truck & Trailer Shop!

1409 S Main Street in scenic small town Yreka in northern California used to be home to the A1 Autobody shop for several years until Stidham Trucking took over the facilities and A1 moved over to Oberlin Road across the highway to take on the next step in their journey.

Today, this address sports two businesses; Hertz Car Rentals, the only car rental business in the whole of Siskiyou County, also owned and operated by Stidham Trucking, and our new Truck and Trailer Shop.

Normally, being busy is the trademark of this Hertz location, especially before the major holidays, so if you are in Siskiyou County and you are thinking about renting a vehicle for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you'd do well to book in advance as the cars book up very quickly.

Furthermore, the back of the building has been completely revamped to house Stidham's Truck and Trailer Shop. This is where all of the trucks in our fleet go for service, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. We offer outside repairs to trucks that happen to be in the area and we also offer roadside assistance. If we can get there, we can get you!

We are very happy to have this building as it serves our purposes very well. The building is completely insulated which is great for the winter as it tends to get very cold in inland northern California. It has multiple entrances which is very useful for trucks, trailers, and service trucks to access the building. On top of that, we are now closer to the freeway which offers better accessibility for drivers.

Our new facilities is still a work in progress, but in the near future, we plan on having a driver's lounge and perhaps even an apparel corner! :)