At Stidham Trucking, Inc., safety is paramount to the way we operate our company, whether it be at home base, but most importantly, out on the road. We are committed to ensure that our personnel have received the proper safety training and that they follow federal and state protocols while driving.

Our Commitment to Safety

  • Personnel that are working in the vicinity of trucks and trailers with loading or unloading trailers need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
    • Hard hat
    • Durable leather/cotton gloves
    • Protective glasses
    • Safety vest
  • Drivers and personnel working in or around trucks and trailers are given appropriate training to ensure that they are aware of and follow the proper safety procedures and protocols.
  • Our drivers are given special flatbed training to ensure they are informed about the special rules governing flatbed trailers.
  • Stidham Trucking, Inc. has CARB Compliant Clean Air Trucks.
  • Our drivers follow federal and state regulations in accordance with the FMCSA and CSA.

Important Information for Drivers from the FMCSA