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I have been a company driver for Stidham since the beginning of 2010, and think this is the best choice I could have made. They have kept me in top of the new line equipment, while getting me home weekly and making a very comfortable living. I plan on staying at Stidham until I retire.

Daren Warren, Sales Dispatch

Daren has been with Stidham since early 2010.


Chris's advice to new lease purchasers:

Make your choices wisely. A cheap load to a better paying load is always better than sitting... I learned a long time ago that there is some method to the madness, even if you don't understand it in the moment. Take this advice as you like, but I've already gone down the path you are on, and I paid my truck off in less than 2 years. My dad and brother both got their trucks paid off at Stidham also. Sometimes, it really is better to be reliable than picky...

Chris - merced, california

Started with Stidham in 2003


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